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Quam Libet records is proud to announce the release of the new Pÿlon album “A Lament” as a co-release with Roxx productions US. The album will be released on 29th July 2016. The CD comes as Digipack with an 12 Side booklet.

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Please take note of the fact that we have largely stopped trading and no longer distribute CDs on consignment from bands. - Times change, as you know, and there is/was the right time for everything.

... Such as for a new album by Pÿlon: Homo Homini Lupus is being mixed and will be released in April!

The rose is in bloom!

As of now, Empyrean Rose, the My Silent Wake / Pÿlon split CD digipack is available; its official release date being 10 January 2014.

Order your copy here (via the Contact form) for USD 18.00 / CHF 18.- and we throw in a free customised Pÿlon guitar pick.

If you order via the Quam Libet Record ebay shop , you get both the guitar pick and a Pÿlon pin-on button for free.

Pÿlon now are on Facebook as well: like, caress and pander them there.